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Conditions Allgood Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center Treats

If you are struggling with pain or a limitation, know that Allgood Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center is a place you can get the answers you’ve been looking for. Here, you’ll find a list of the most common conditions we treat.

  • Arm Pain – The many causes of arm pain include sudden injury, pinched nerves or long-term poor ergonomics.
  • Arthritis – Wear and tear on joints or pain from inflammation can be addressed through chiropractic.
  • Back Pain – No matter where the pain is located in your back, we will get to the root cause to find you a resolution.
  • Bulging Disc and Herniated Disc – Spinal misalignments press unevenly on spinal discs, making them bulge and herniate, which will pinch the spinal nerves.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Numbness in the hands and fingers or pain in the wrist may result from a problem in the neck or a pinched nerve in the wrist.
  • Elbow Pain – People across the spectrum can experience elbow pain, including athletes and workers alike.
  • Headaches and Migraines – Chiropractic care provides relief for headaches and migraines, reducing both severity and frequency.
  • Knee Pain – Your knees are hard-working joints that are susceptible to injury. By getting to the cause, we can provide the treatment you need.
  • Neck Pain – Stiffness, tension and discomfort may be from a sudden injury or long-term improper posture.
  • Numbness and Tingling – This is a common symptom of pinched nerves. You may experience this symptom down your arms or your legs.
  • Pinched Nerves – We will correct misalignments in the spine and extremities to make sure no pinched nerves are present.
  • Sciatica - A shooting pain that goes down your leg is a symptom of a bulging or herniated disc.
  • Scoliosis - Did you know that you can prevent childhood scoliosis with chiropractic care? We can also manage the condition in adults.
  • Shoulder Pain or Frozen Shoulder – Without a properly moving shoulder joint, daily tasks can be difficult to complete. Chiropractic can help you heal.
  • Whiplash - Common after car accidents, whiplash can also happen from a sports injury.

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