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Pediatric Chiropractic Care at
Allgood Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center

When it comes to health, you have to consider whether you want to be proactive or reactive. Do you prefer to work on your health, or only fix it once it’s gone downhill? We want all the kids in our community to grow up with abundant health. That way, we won’t see them as adults who present with a range of ailments that are common, but far from what should be normal.

At Allgood Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center, kids are a big part of our practice. We love seeing entire families getting healthy and maintaining their well-being through natural care.

Why Kids Need a Chiropractor In Their Life

Did you know that most of the nervous system is developed during the first three months of life? It’s critical to make sure that the nervous system operates at its full potential. We like to recommend that parents bring their children in as early as possible. Many even stop by on their way home from the birthing center or hospital.

There are plenty of reasons people bring their babies or children to the chiropractor, such as

  • Better digestion
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Reduced allergies
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Increased immunity

Kids usually don’t look forward to seeing a doctor. But our office isn’t that typical doctor’s office. When children come in here, they sprint right into the room, excited to be the first family member who lies on the adjusting table.

There’s one particular pediatric story that we love. It’s about a little guy who has been coming to us since his mom was pregnant with him. Dr. Jimmy gave the boy a gentle adjustment when he was a day old and has been seeing him since. Every time he comes in, he’s excited and happy, climbing on the table and enthusiastic about getting adjusted.

Children seem to instinctively know that what we’re doing here is so good for them. As they get older, we like to talk to them about what we’re doing and teach them about chiropractic being a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Is there different paperwork for children?

Yes, we have paperwork specific to our pediatric patients that you can fill out before their appointment.
What is the new patient procedure like for a child?

Just like an adult, it’s a two-visit process that involves an examination and treatment, then a report of findings. After that, your child will be under regular care. Since kids don’t tend to have serious health issues, we’ll put them on a cost-effective maintenance plan.
Do you have specific techniques for children?

Yes. Adjusting a child involves a gentle touch. There is no thrust on babies or young children. Sine their ligaments, tendons and muscles aren’t fully formed, you just don’t need much force. We’ll use our fingertips to hold a soft form of pressure on an area that needs attention.
What will you do if my child is nervous?

We’ve adjusted so many stuffed animals, we lost count long ago. This is a place of healing, and we want your children to be happy and comfortable here. We have toys they can play with, they get a sticker reward after their adjustment and your child can simply feel at home here. Rest assured, we are going to work with your kids and meet them where they’re at.
Why should I bring my child to the chiropractor?

We get it – most people think the chiropractor is all about pain, and kids don’t have pain, right? What we want our patients to understand is that chiropractic is about enhancing your child’s health. When your child’s nervous system works like it should, they won’t end up with serious problems.
Can you help with ear infections?

Yes! We have a high success rate with children who were facing serious interventions like having tubes put in their ears. After receiving care, their ears can drain like they should.
Can you help with colic?

Some babies seem to be fussy for no reason. But there are plenty of them behind what we call “colic.” It may be a digestive issue, food allergy or a misalignment in their spine. We get to the bottom of what the issue is and address it. We’re proud to have a great success rate with colicky babies.
Will I notice any difference right after my baby is adjusted?

Parents typically report that their child sleeps for hours after an adjustment, or they fill their diaper. If your baby has been crying or unable to have a bowel movement, then you understand the relief that most parents feel after their baby gets adjusted!
Do you see children with ADD/ADHD?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Jimmy heard of a woman who was asking for a provider in the area that might help with her son’s dyslexia and ADD. He reached out to her and asked if he could try to help through chiropractic. The boy wasn’t doing well – he’d lost weight, his skin was pale and he was going through serious depression, to the point where he’d dropped out of school.

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